The Flight of a Tear


By Samridhi Bishnoi, Class 9, DAV Sr. Sec. Public School, Barmana, Barmana

Up in the bright blue sky there was a young little drop 
A newborn, just learnt to fly
With high spirits,it wasn't even of the top 
Curious, it wandered around explored everything from the top to the ground 
And all this beauty and innocence lies just beneath the human eyes 
Then suddenly came the thunder, the thunder of fear,the fear to crumble 
In it's agony it roared aloud shook everything from the drops to the cloud
Shocked, the little drop turned around to see everyone else giving up to the frightening sound
Little drops clustered,ready to fall with splashes 
And water filled behind those beautiful eyelashes 
No,his little journey would not now end determined as the drop was not to bend 
But then at last it decided to fall with grace
And that's how a tear rolled down my face


Samridhi Bishnoi DAV Sr. Sec. Public School, Barmana