Hot Wheels 3D Big Air Target Takedown

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This is the newest addition to the Hot Wheels series. Unlike basic cars, these are discs that spin with great speed. The mantra of this game is to launch the spinshotz onto the track and aim the disc at the bulls-eye target. The set comes with a spinshotz track, one spinshotz and one launcher. The tracks have a magnetic strip, which help the spinshotz spin through. The bulls-eye target consists of two discs hanging on a circular frame with two discs hanging in the centre. Knock down both the centre disks to win a clear 100 points.

How It Helps:
This game helps children strategise and think as they aim at the bulls-eye target. And the best part is that spinshotz do not require batteries to operate. Parents can join the challenge with their children to hit the bulls-eye target.

Tip: Add additional spinshotz make the game really crazy.

Age Group: 7 to 9 years

Price: Rs 1,499

Reviewed by Richa Dikshit, a professional toy reviewer at Toy Tasting--a video blog on toys. An online video review of these toys can be seen on her YouTube channel Toy Tasting.