ACadru Multi-disciplinary Learning

What's On is a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning platform for senior school and college students starting from grade 9. Students can create impressive high school profiles for college admissions in India and abroad.

After sign up at Acadru, one can get access to online learning modules that allow students to learn, build practical experiences, achieve more and help them create unique careers aligned with their passions and challenges of the future.

Students get FREE access to 175+ learning modules on unique topics like Biomimicry, Asteroid Mining, Virology, Psychology in Marketing, a World Without Water and lots more.

Need to build a comprehensive, accurate and impressive high school resume?

Hundreds and thousands of students match the eligibility criteria for test scores and academics of top colleges, whether in India or abroad. Given such a scenario, it is your profile that will be the biggest differentiator when it comes to seeking admission.

This implies that your non-academic achievement is a pre-requisite and not just a choice! Put simply, top colleges or universities will evaluate you based on your demonstrated interest, consistency and ability to pursue different fields of knowledge and education.

This is where ACadru comes into the picture!

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