Bayside Sports School Dads Cricket Championships

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Hey Dads! Remember that time when you proudly represented your school team at the inter-school cricket tournament and scored that blistering 50? Or that time you took that amazing catch on the boundary? What about that 5-wicket haul? You've been talking about it for the longest time with your family, telling your children about "that memorable January day on the cricket field." Well, here is your chance to put your words into action.

Bayside Sports, Mumbai's leading sports training academy, has been coaching kids aged 4 and above since 2013. It also organises the most unique cricket tournament - The Bayside Sports School Dads Cricket Championships - a Premier League for Dads who represent their children's school teams in a T20, white-ball tournament played on exclusive cricket grounds and under floodlights.

Dads who have stopped playing the game for the past 15 to 20 years make a comeback through this tournament so they look forward to this annual event and plan their calendars around it. Players are ably supported by their wives, school kids, families and school faculty. This year's event is the biggest yet, with 32 teams playing it out for championship glory! Has your Dads Team signed up?

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