Book Review: The Tale Of Makkhilal

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Recommended Age: 3+ years 

Written By:
Geeta Dharmarajan 

Art By: Charbak Dipta

'The Tale of Makkhilal' is a picture book in poetry format. The book introduces the concept of daily health and hygiene practices and also raises awareness about diseases that are spread by houseflies. The story is set in a village called Makkhipuri, where a fly named Makkhilal is treated as the god of the village. The fly is adored by all as their protector. The villagers offer the fly food as prasad and then consume it. Obviously, the villagers’ children fall sick. The truth about the fly is revealed only when a young doctor arrives at the village and speaks to the villagers about all the ailments a fly can carry. Read the book to know more about the fly and the villagers of Makkhipuri.

Published By: Katha Books |

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