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Like any other city, the Internet also has neighbourhoods, some safe, some terrifying. However, unlike any other city, the Internet lacks a government and rules and regulations. There are no moral guidelines when it comes to the Internet. If you turn down the wrong cyber street, you never know what you might have to face.

Did you know that in 2007, 16-year-old Adnan Patrawala was kidnapped by friends he made on Orkut? This horrifying case highlights the hidden dangers of the Internet.

Among the several threats that youngsters face online, one of them is cyber bullying, which can lead to depression and other problems. Another threat is from online buddies, who may not actually be the person they claim they are and could cheat or harm you.

Often youngsters inadvertently give away vital details like their parents’ incomes, their address or even credit card information. This information can then be misused by criminals to make illegal purchases and run up huge bills.

Ritika Jain (name changed), an 11-year-old girl, created an account on Facebook because her friends used to make after-school plans on the social networking site. Within three months she had more friends on Facebook than she actually knew because she thought the more friends you have on Facebook, the more popular you would be at school! Her father was a Pune-based businessman. His rival befriended Ritika on Facebook, lured her to a restaurant for a burger and subsequently kidnapped her.

A Cyber Smart person is someone who:

- Understands the cyber threats facing him, his family and his world

- Knows how to protect himself, his family and his world from these threats

- Knows how to efficiently and effectively use cyber technology The Cyber Smart program combines education with entertainment to create edutainment. This program teaches children to become Cyber Smart through:

- Cyber games

- Interactive online activities

- Animated films and comics

- Audio visual broadcasts

- Interactive classroom sessions

The modules that are covered in Data64's Cyber Smart Program are:

- An introduction to the world wide web

- Firefox basics

- Making friends online: the smart guide to social networking

- The smart guide to tackling cyber bullying

- The smart guide to online shopping

- An introduction to wireless security

- Fun with fonts

- An introduction to peer-to-peer file sharing (downloading songs and movies from torrent websites: its risks and safety measures)

- A guide to creating strong passwords

- A guide to advanced googling

- Dangers on the world wide web

- Basics of cyber security

- An introduction to information security



- 1,425 Indian websites were hacked in January 2012 itself!

- Sinowal Trojan has hacked into 3,00,000 online bank accounts and 2,50,000 credit card and debit card accounts over the past three years.

- The first virus of the world—the Brain virus was made by two Pakistani brothers, Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi.

- The deadliest virus ever was the I Love You virus, which caused 50 million infections and 5.5 billion dollars of loss!



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