Designer Girls Clothing by Little Pixie

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Little Pixie is a designer clothing label, owned and designed by Nishita Toprani, for little girls between the age of 2 and 7 years. Each Little Pixie ensemble is 'pretty, posh and playful', paying close attention to finishing and detail, making sure the clothes are stylish, but comfortable and durable at the same time. The intention is to make the clothes as special as their little wearers.

The Little Pixie Range: 

The ready to wear range of clothes consists of

Little Pixie also makes the following types of clothes:

- Skirts (cotton or denim): Prices range from 650 to 950

- Tutus: Prices range from Rs 950 to 1,500

- Tops/Tunics: Prices range from Rs 650 to 1,200

- T-shirts/T-shirt Dresses: Prices range from Rs 850 to 1,250

- Custom Orders: Little Pixie makes custom orders for occasions based on your specific requirements.

How to Buy Little Pixie Clothes or Place a Custom Order:

1. Web-Shop: Little Pixie does not have a store just yet, but you can purchase Little Pixie products from the online web-shop that ships across India and to over 25 countries abroad.

2. E-mail: You can email to get in touch directly with the designer who will be happy to help you out with how to make a purchase or place an order.

3. Facebook: Visit and get regular updates on Little Pixie products, offers, where Little Pixie is exhibiting and who Little Pixie is stocking collections with.

Little Pixie Party Favours and Take-away or Return Gifts:

Little Pixie also makes customized party favors to match the theme or concept of your daughter's birthday or special occasion. Gifts include butterfly lace applique denim totes for a butterfly-themed party, hand-painted and customized cushion covers, Tutu skirts and customized t-shirts. Prices start from Rs 450 onwards.

Why Little Pixie is Special: 
Little Pixie believes that clothes should be stylish and uniquely designed, but practical and comfortable to wear. It derive inspiration from all things pretty, whether it's a cupcake or a rose! It also believes that every girl is special and should have her own special dress, which is why only a limited number of pieces per style are made.