Dynasties & Empires of India Workshop by Fun Science Club

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Fun Science Club is hosting a two-day workshop series for kids aged 8 to 13 years. Kids will learn about the works, teachings and life of wise Chanakya, brave Chandragupta Maurya and King Ashoka. The workshop includes role plays, skits, stories and activities, which will help kids understand Indian history in a fun and interactive way. 

Age Group: 8 to 13 years

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, June 1 & 2

Conducted by: Dr Shonali Rathi, MD

Venue: FunScienceClub, Dadar TT

Call 09819580259 for prior registrations

For more details log on to www.facebook.com/FunScienceClub or www.funscienceclub.com


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