Eco-friendly Collection for Kids by Toonz

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The oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface and contain 97% of the Earth's water. The world thrives on its water resource, that houses a vast plethora of species. But given the current scenario on pollution, which is spreading like a disease, the future for our children is grim. To educate our next generation about the woes of ocean pollution and to prevent them from making the same mistakes that we did, WowMom & SuperYoung have taken new initiatives to communicate about a better and pollution-free future through their designs, themes and garment-making procedures.

The apparels are made with AZO-free non-toxic dyes; and the products are bio-washed. Each apparel is quality-tested to ensure both the children and environment remain unharmed. The designs speak of building and sustaining a beautiful future, where recycling is a part of life and pollution, a distant memory. Because as will handover Mother Earth to our future generation, we need to inspire, motivate and educate our children to take care of her, so that life thrives and our planet survives.

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