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When you combine yummy gooey marshmallow with two soft biscuits, then cover them in delicious chocolate, what do you get? Everyone’s favourite snack, Orion Choco Pie!

Orion's Choco Pie was the very first of its kind, originally created in 1974 by South Korea’s Orion. Even today, no other savoury treat compares to the delightful flavour of the Orion Choco Pie!

In the early 2000s, the delicious treat brought the people of the world so much joy that in certain companies, employees were given Orion Choco Pie instead of cash bonuses and they loved it!

To spread the happiness in India, Orion opened up its own factory. The foundation of goodness began to build brick by brick in March 2019 and started to churn out the chocolaty and yummy Orion Choco Pie in 2021. And now it is on it’s way to be the nation’s sweetest snack, consumed by every family and their friends too!

Now you can bite into the delight anytime and also take part in numerous contests, win loads of prizes and have lots of fun on Orion's Instagram page.

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