Enjoy Fun Educational Typing Games with KidzType

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KidzType is a touch typing system that enables young learners to successfully navigate the digital world. As early learning evolves from "read and write" to "read and type," children are now required to learn the rudiments of typing using all ten fingers without looking at the keys.

Through an interactive game called 'Dance Mat Typing', KidzType makes your child comfortable in the tactile environment of the keyboard. It introduces the importance of correct finger placement through four levels of touch typing practice online, each with three stages of lessons and challenges under the guidance of an angel teacher.

The benefits of the touch typing method vs. the hunt-and-peck way go beyond mastering a fine motor skill. KidzType teaches children fun ways to sight-read and type letters and develop the confidence they need in communicating. Give your child a head start in life with free keyboarding games at www.kidztype.com.

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