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About Kaadoo:
Four years ago, Kaadoo revolutionized the board game scene with the launch of jungle safari-themed games. Over the years, these games have been received well across the globe, especially by consumers with a passion for nature and wildlife, by parents who want their children to grow up aware of nature and by teachers who find it easy to communicate complex nature concepts through games. Kaadoo also launched Disney movie-themed games featuring popular wildlife characters from Disney movies and gave cricket fans some exciting games to stay connected with their favourite teams and cheer for them. Pure fun and simple gameplay continue to define Kaadoo games.

About Wildlife-themed Games:
Kaadoo offers a range of games inspired by the diversity of wildlife on earth. These games are conceived by people with a lifelong passion for wildlife and nature. They help small children and adults connect with the world they are living in and are especially relevant for children with limited habitat diversity and greenery, with no real natural wildlife habitations. Kaadoo's games broaden their vision, kindle their interest and develop their curiosity and eagerness to explore and learn in a fun and entertaining manner.  

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