Furtados School of Music

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Furtados School of Music is the right place to visit to meet people who love, live and share MUSIC. FSM was founded in July 2011, with a vision to make quality music education accessible to children and individuals, making the entire learning process fun-filled, joyous and memorable.

They are currently teaching their internationally acclaimed & structured music curriculum in 110+ schools. FSM understands the importance of music education at an early age and thus has courses like MIF (Music is Fun) in pre-schools and day-cares to provide children the best in early music education.

The list of instruments and programmes is constantly expanding and currently extends to piano, electronic keyboard, guitar, drums, violin and vocals. Special emphasis is given to music theory and musical knowledge to ensure comprehensive development of a student; and eventual musician.

For more information visit furtadosschoolofmusic.com or call 1800 3010 1919