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Imagimake presents a wide range of fun, creative and constructive activities for kids of all ages through its multiple lines of products:

Explorer: An exciting and innovative range of DIY kits based on various techniques such as puppetry, balloon sculpting, origami, folk art, sponge painting and a lot more.

Snappies: Fun and easy craft products which also make for exciting return gifting or group activity options. Decorate a pouch, a funky frame or a sun cap...just follow simple instructions and get going.

Mapology: Play and learn about various countries and states through this series of map puzzles. Which country is the biggest? Where is Brazil located? Learn about the countries and states as you play along.

Imagimake products have been designed to provide holistic skill development for kids of all ages in areas such as:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Speech and language skills

So, step into the world of creative and fun learning activities for your child with Imagimake Toys! Visit to know more about the products and offerings!

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