Ladder to Success - A Board Game by Meraki

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Everyone loves board games but have you ever come across a board game that focuses on making kids wise, appreciative and grateful for the things and people around them?

Ladder to Success is designed with the divine purpose of bringing and attracting a beautiful bright future in the most FUN way.

It is a game where players rise high not only on the board, but also in life. Here, while climbing the Ladder to SUCCESS, you'll always come across things and people that make you think. And soon, your vision will be

This game is easy to play and simple to understand. It is based on the concept:

"What You Think about
You Thank about
You Bring about!"

It will give you wings to fly high, making your life blissful each day.

To buy this game, visit or call 8240795538 for a special discount. 

*Paid partnership with Meraki