Light Up Your Imagination with Wadiya Singh

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Sonalika Publications was founded with a prime goal to provide age-appropriate quality content for children, touching topics that enhance their confidence and improve critical thinking for better growth and development.

The latest book published under this banner is written by eight-year-old enthusiast, Annant Mittal, who has taken his imagination to another level by weaving a beautiful story, Wadiya Singh Visits Planet Sparkle. The story of Wadiya Singh and his friend is like a roller coaster ride that takes you to a whole new planet where people live in peace and harmony and have adopted innovative ways to protect their environment. This amazing book spurs children to learn wonderful ways to preserve our planet and comes with a lovely cloth bag along with a cute character soft toy.

Books under Sonalika Publications are often written on topics that will help children improve their language and learning and cope with their feelings. If I Can Dream It, I Can Do It and Master Wiggles: A Journey of Trial & Triumph are some of the books under this publication, which feature colourful illustration, facts, complex ideas of sharing and compassion and most importantly, aspects that matter to the world.

These books are written in a way that helps children easily visualise the characters and takes them to a different world. What's more, the books' activity sections with brainteasers boost problem-solving skills among children and improve their IQ and memory. 

All the books published under the banner of Sonalika Publications are made out of completely recycled paper, not harming a single tree.

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