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DESI TOYS is an 'India Inspired, India Made' brand making iconic, classic, skill-enhancing and fun Indian toys and games that can be played and enjoyed by all age groups. The 'Desi Toys' brand is not just reviving popular toys/games, but also innovating new ones keeping the nostalgic factor and Indianess alive in each toy/game. 

Considering that today's parents are super conscious of what toys and games their tech-savvy children are playing with, Desi Toys has spent a great deal of time and resources ensuring all products are super safe, durable, sustainable and fun.

Let's look at some of the iconic 'Desi Toys': 

A pop-pop steam toy boat is a classic toy with a steam engine powered by a candle. The name comes from the noise made by this boat. This awesome STEM toy will truly amaze kids and help them self discover the science behind its working.

Seven stones is one of the oldest and most popular games played in India. The game involves 2 teams with a ball and flat stones/wooden blocks. One team will knock down the blocks and will try to restore the pile of blocks while the other team will try to throw the ball at the opposing team. This game is full of excitement and fun enjoyed by everyone.

This classic toy consists of a y-shaped frame used to knock off an object at a distance.

Gili Danda is one of the oldest Indian games. Having some similarities with cricket, this game is played with two sticks--a large one called a danda which is used to hit a smaller one, the gili. Standing in a small circle, the player balances the gili on a stone in an inclined manner and uses the danda to hit the gili at the raised end and flips it into the air. The player is required to run and touch a pre-agreed point outside the circle before the gili is retrieved by an opponent. Another way of playing is once the gili falls, the opponent will measure the length from the centre till the place where the gili falls with the help of the danda and calculate points. Just reading about it is so much fun, imagine playing it!

This is a perfectly and beautifully handcrafted miniature brass kitchen playset found in traditional royal Indian houses. Kids develop their creative role playing, imagination and social skills with this playset.

The top spins rapidly with the aid of a string rope coiled around its axis from bottom to top which when pulled quickly, sets it in motion. The colours, shapes and designs blend together as the top spins. No batteries or electronic parts, just old-fashioned know-how and intelligent design.

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