Keep Your Kids Safe with India’s Most Secure Range of Home Cameras – Spotlight by Godrej Security Solutions

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As offices are gradually opening up, adopting hybrid working models, schools and other extra curricular activities for children continue to operate virtually. Under such circumstances, parents want constant connectivity and surveillance when it comes to caring for their young children, and home security solutions prove to be a convenient option.

For any parent, keeping their kids safe will always be at the forefront. And especially when it comes to home security cameras, not many are aware that such a connected device can have the risk of someone else looking in or even hacking into the data captured. Recently, a study by Godrej Security Solutions revealed that 71% Indian parents fear data leak from their phone or connected devices that have a camera. Did you know, security cameras happen to be the most vulnerable device, with 45.6% of them prone to cyberattacks?

To address this very pertinent issue, Godrej Security Solutions, the leading home security solutions brand, has launched ‘Spotlight’, India’s most secure range of home cameras. Designed and manufactured in India, this new range offers Indians best-in-class data security, so that your home and personal data stays private.

As connected devices are becoming increasingly popular across Indian households, the potential impact of security breaches has also increased. Godrej’s Spotlight range of home cameras assures easy-to-use surveillance solutions and the ability for parents to constantly stay connected to their children without fearing the possibility of someone in the cyber world spying on their home. The Spotlight range of cameras transfers data over secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers in India, ensuring your home camera only gives you peace of mind.

Spotlight Fixed, part of the Spotlight range of home camera products, allows you to choose a fixed viewing frame and has a flex-neck so you can choose the required frame. The Spotlight P.T. (Pan-Tilt) allows you to move the camera around to cover a larger area with a tilt of up to 90 degrees and a pan of up to 355 degrees. The camera includes a whole host of features such as a panoramic 110-degree view of your space, smart motion tracking, real-time motion alerts, ultra-clear night vision, hi-fidelity mic support for two-way clear communication and intuitive one-touch modes.

Security cameras are no longer limited to the protection of your home; they allow you to check in on your children while you’re at work. Hiring a nanny to take care of your baby for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience for many parents. Using a home security camera can help you stay calm and in tune with what goes on in your home. Moreover, they also help you capture some of the priceless moments while you’re not around. In fact, Spotlight offers video storage plans that ensure critical video is always available on the cloud.

Being connected to your home can offer real peace of mind. And smart additions such as Spotlight security cameras can make your home safer too.

*Paid partnership with Godrej Security