Taking Care of Children as They Learn from Home

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The covid-19 pandemic has brought a new, hybrid model of education into play. While students conveniently learn from the comfort of their homes, parents need to be cautious about their overall wellbeing. Prolonged sitting, awkward body postures, reduced exercise and increased screen time are some of the factors that can cause musculoskeletal disorders in children at a very young age. To ensure their safety and create a healthy learning environment at home, parents can do the following:

1. Invest in an ergonomic table and chair

2. Follow the neutral posture with a 90-90-90 rule

3. Have the correct illumination

4. Take periodic breaks

5. Do fun exercises

6. Reduce screen time through pen and paper activities

The new model of education is here to stay. Parents across the country must supervise their children as they learn from home. To know more, download the whitepaper from Godrej Interio.

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