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That's My Baby is a retail outlet designed exclusively for babies and toddlers and is currently managed by its founder, Viral Shah.

The brand was introduced by Viral based on the outcome of his research on the retail industry, which showed a dire need for a specialized retail shop for babies and toddlers which would cater to the requirement of young ones based on best and safest industry practices.


The shop's prime customers include mothers and fathers of babies and toddlers who are passing through their early parenting stage. The shop is also frequently visited by eager grandparents wishing to buy gifts for their grandchildren. The core age group of parents ranges from 25 to 35 years.

Product Offerings

  • Readymade garments
  • Diapering
  • Feeding
  • Nursing
  • Toys
  • Bath, skin and healthcare
  • Footwear
  • Baby gear
  • Books, CDs and gifts

Beyond Baby Products

  • The brand not only focuses on giving the best offerings to its clients, but also educates and mentors parents regarding their buying decisions based on industry experience and research. The core strategy of the store is not to just sell, but to guide the parents in their buying decision keeping in mind the safety and security of their babies.
  • The store backs its value proposition by not only educating its customers, but also educating its employees regarding the best practices and products of the baby industry, so that they in turn can guide the customers with correct buying decision.
  • The brand promises to care for its customers' babies as their own babies.
Differentiation Strategy

  • The shop does not believe in dumping all the brands in its store and only keeps selected brands for each section based on its research.
  • The shop weighs the pros and cons of a brand and its pricing before placing it on the shelf.
  • The shop makes sure that its customers can get the best of the brands and products available in the market at a reasonable price.
  • The shop also keeps unbranded products, to a certain extent, if it believes that they add more value to its customers.
  • The shop has the ability to order any specific requirements for its customers in the fastest possible time thus adding a tinge of personalised service to its customers.

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