The Grand Diwali Kids Challenge

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Ever thought of a going to a carnival sitting at home? No right, well that’s about to change! Prodigy presents The Grand Diwali Kids Challenge, a PAN-INDIA, one-of a kind Online Carnival ‘for the kids; by the kids’!

The Grand Diwali Kids Challenge is a big basket of contests and activities that consists of a wide range of challenges like Vedic Math, Science Experiments, Debates, Journalism, Mimicry, Artistry, Eco-friendly Competitions, Family Bonding Games and so much more!

Kids from more than 22 cities are gearing up for the Ultimate Battle of the GDK Challenge. Now is your chance to compete amongst the best and hopefully, make some friends along the way! Every contest has a winner and a prize... although the real prize for the challenge is learning. The ultimate winner gets… wait for it… a Brand New Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

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To prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges (in life and GDK) we bring you FREE ONLINE MASTER CLASSES, a series of unique workshops conducted by international experts for you to learn and master your skills at! From the fastest Mental Math System - VEDIC MATH to Mastering Shoe Art, Learning the Art of Storytelling to Making Your Homes More Eco-friendly. You are truly in for a treat!

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