The Maharaja of Mastipur & The Palace of Pranks

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Welcome to Mastipur!

At the centre of this world is a Maharaja with a most peculiar hobby, or should we say obsession! Discover what it is and what makes each and every member of his family so fun and zany! There is a Princess and Prince, the Maharani herself, the Maharaja’s mama and the Maharaja’s most important minister who is of course Pranky, Minister of Pranks, gags and antics! They all live in the vast kingdom of Mastipur with much room for exploration and adventure.

The Maharaja's Last Prank

Most kings are famous for their great achievements like building amazing palaces or expanding their lands but not the Maharaja of Mastipur. Although he did rule his kingdom very well, what made him truly famous, or rather notorious, was his love for playing practical jokes on anybody and everybody. He was also famous for hosting royal guests from all over India but they were usually victims of his grand and elaborate pranks. It seems he didn’t entertain his guests as much as they entertained him!

With such a reputation, it was truly a wonder that he was able to convince any guest to set foot in his palace. But now he has a truly special visitor. The King of England is set to arrive in a month and the Maharaja is not simply sitting around and twiddling his thumbs. He has got something in the works for sure!

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