How Examination is Useful

Letters to Editor

By Chetan Goyal, Class 9, Delhi Public School, Dhuri

In my words examination is a bridging stone to success but some say that it is not but stress. To put it the truest, examination is our test to check our intelligence to increase our remembrance power. Examination is not only boon but bane. The boon of examination is infinite. A small set of questions can’t decide our future but people take it as theirs but marks are not only a thing in exams. We always look for marks and we never think what we have learnt from it we argue with our teachers to increase our marks but what will you get from that; for your knowledge matters not marks. Exams are parts of a child’s career.

Exams check the knowledge of a student in particular subjects. Exams are nightmare for students but we should never take it as a nightmare in fact we should take it as a challenge and it’s an opportunity to examine ourselves. Exams give students the scholarship which helps them to study at their own earned money. Exams mean revisions for students but exams also bring tension and anxiety needed to progress. Some stress makes us study but only taking tension of thinking and not performing anything is not good.

Exams also cause depression but that’s the challenge for a student and he has to face it. I must tell that there are more advantages than the disadvantages. Exams increase the memory of a student. Exams also bring competition among students which pushes the students to gain more knowledge. Exams not only give knowledge but also increase the personality of students. It helps the students to build confidence. 


Chetan Goyal Delhi Public School