Writer in the Stars


By Taher Radhanpurwala, Class 3, Universal School, Tardeo, Mumbai

Some nights I look up at the stars,

So brightly, yet far away.

I know by morning, they’ll be gone,

But I wish that they would stay again.

I’d stare them all day and night,

I’d make myself a chart.

Their shape, their size, their stories too,

I’d learn them all by heart.

For they say our future is in the stars;

It’s written with their light

On the inky blacky empty space

It echoes all the time in the night

Who will be, I want to ask

But they’re much too far away

That even if they answered me

I wouldn’t hear the words they say

Writer in the star

I see them in the dark.


Taher Radhanpurwala Universal School, Tardeo