How is the Role of Television Changing

Letters to Editor

By Lovish Gupta, Class 9, D.P.S, Dhuri

Television is one of the best inventions of the twentieth century. Television is a good source of both entertainment and education. Television gives us information regarding the incidents happening all over the world. There are lots of programmes related to education, current affairs and for entertainment. It is also used as a medium for advertising products and services. It serves as a source of entertainment for all groups. It also provides information. It educates people in a precise way.

It has changed the world in ways that cannot be written down. The educational shows are shown for children to help them in development and learn at a young age. Also, they inform us of news that we would not learn of until the next morning via newspaper or unless we are browsing through internet throughout the day. There are many talent hunts shows organised by various channels to encourage young generations to show up their hidden talent. Cricket matches, football matches, etc held at long distances can be viewed by just sitting at home. Government have organised TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India ) which is regulatory body of the government .

It is helping the citizens in many ways. Like people can choose their favourite channels and give the list of the channels to the cable operator. And by the way it has little bit of disadvantages too. It teaches the children to be stupid and by using pranks or comedy. It shows brutal and violent images that can lead people to kill or destroy someone’s thinking. It also shows the restricted programmes which can only be viewed for adults. It teaches people how to gamble and how to hack. It can harm our eyes so it must have a time limit.

Excess of watching television can cause obesity and laziness. Violence can be globalised by films and advertisements. I think T.V can be a huge challenge to avoid exposing young children and babies to it because television became a part of modern life. Try to watch less television. Its presence become so strong that people have started getting addicted to it. Thus, it plays an important role in building our economy.


Lovish Gupta D.P.S