Why Should I Read a Newspaper

Letters to Editor

By Uday Goyal, Class 9, D.P.S, Dhuri

Why should I read a newspaper Generally, a wise man begins his day with a cup of tea accompanied by a newspaper. Like heartbeat is essential for survival, same is the case with a newspaper that lets you know all about our surroundings and daily happenings. So, what is a newspaper? A newspaper is not only a few pieces of paper but entails a vast collection of daily happenings. Despite the onslaught of electronic media, newspaper has managed to keep its frontline position intact. So,why people all over the world read newspaper? The answer lies in the simplicity of the newspaper. It helps you connect to the whole world at the blink of the eye. It provides detailed information and throws light on all the ongoing topics. That is why it is regarded as the pillar of the democracy as it promotes freedom of expression.

Now, why should I read a newspaper? To know what's my country's economic position, about sports, trade, commerce and to develop vocational skills. Moreover, it acts as a source of entertainment for me. The Sudoku, Crossword and Minute puzzles are always a great way to enlighten up knowledge and empower vocabulary in an entertaining manner. On the Editorial page, we get loads of articles written by prominent writers who share their opinion on the ongoing topics whether they are social, political, scientific or related to any other subject. It is best suited for students as the editor not only discloses his mind or narrates about the topic captioned but also is instrumental in getting the reader well versed.

The policies of the government are also articulated before the public with pros and cons as well as the probability of its success and failure. A newspaper has many benefits, one of which being that it helps us escape the world of telecommunication that is becoming the main attraction for students particularly nowadays. It also serves as a medium through which pupils can infer examples on the topics which are studied in schools.

For example, the recent iconic Sabarimala judgement showed us the real power of the apex court- The Supreme Court. Reading a newspaper sharpens one’s personality in a real perspective manner. It also gives me immense confidence and helps me curbing my shortcomings. So in a nutshell and taking all the relevant considerations in view, I must say that we all should read newspaper and inculcate this habit in our routine lives. 


Uday Goyal D.P.S