Impact of Technology

Letters to Editor

By Prabal Sharma, Class 10, D.P.S, Dhuri

Cyber games are games that do not include physic but played on a digital gadget. Cyber games are made for entertainment purpose but nowadays they are becoming a large part of life. Yes they are useful but they should only exist as a one-two hour entertainment activity. One who wants to set his/her career in it only then it should become a part of life. But if they are affecting us in a bad way then they are not games then they become the reason for ruining our life. PUBG is a very popular game at present. It is a one person shooting game.

IT can be good or bad as well. Good when it is played for a maximum of one hour then it reduces depression and anxiety, But when played for more than two hours then it can make our mind violent and force us to turn it into a need from a facility. It proves that a game should only be played once for 1 hour a day. Nowadays there are many organisations and companies that provide a chance for setting career in Gaming but everyone cannot be a part of it. That's why we should understand that Gaming is a facility but not a need. Gaming is an entertainment facility but not a need that becomes important than anything else.

Everyone cannot become a shroud nor a dynamo so we should concentrate on study, family and our life where life doesn’t mean GAMING only. Counter strike is also a very popular one person shooting games especially known for its tournaments. It is held almost every 5 years. Children and teenagers are attracted towards it as its minimum winning price is 2 lakh rupees. It proves that there are many fields where gaming can be used as a career.

Gaming improves our hand-mind co-ordination but it should only be played when needed not unnecessarily it should be played. At the end it is recommended that Games are not even one percent of life but they are only useful to entertain not to become violent By:Prabal Sharma Grade-X.


Prabal Sharma D.P.S