Is Urban Modernity Actually Moral or just Modern

Letters to Editor

By Pranjal Aggarwal, Class 9, D.P.S, Dhuri

Haven’t we generally heard the remarks that, "Be modern...” or "Don’t behave like that, it’s the modern era…” But, have you ever thought that what this MODERNITY is…? Is it being up to date, following the latest trends, leaving the orthodox rituals and believing in science OR is it related mainly to LEAVING OUR old yet important MORAL VALUES…..? To know more about this we can comprehend it with the instances which happened with a small village girl- Ruhika, a 7 years old girl who belonged to a very backward and poor region and lived with her mother. She was very happy in her life and loved her mother a lot. Although, she was poor; she was blessed with her high moral values and loved each and everyone around her without the slightest of the selfishness. Her mother taught her the best moral values she could and despite being very small at age she was highly praised in her village for her diligence. She had to face the most pitiful time when her mother left her alone in this cruel world. She was a very brave girl and lived in an orphanage then and was living there for the past two years and had now adapted to the conditions of the place.

One day, the moment came when all the ecstasies were back in her life as she was now adopted by a very prosper family where she got the love of a mother, a father and a brother. She felt herself as one of the luckiest girl in the world and was very happy to have a new family. Rohan who was her elder brother, was a boy who believed in being fashionable and trendy but didn’t bother for any of the moral values in his life. Once he decided to take Ruhika for shopping along with her mother.

On the way to the mall, Rohan drove roughly and a person despite driving carefully got slit past each other’s vehicles and Rohan started shouting at the person so ruthlessly even when he was driving carefully. Ruhika said,” Bhai, It’s not his mistake and moreover no damage has been done to any of the cars. Please, leave the quarrel and come back. Let’s go for shopping.” Rohan came back and again started driving but Ruhika was taken aback by Rohan’s behavior as she didn’t think of anyone behaving so ruthlessly but she kept quiet remembering her moral values that she should not argue with elders but being disturbed about Rohan’s behavior she asked him about his behavior but was astonished by his answer that,”Don’t worry it’s normal in big cities…

Please don’t worry about the matter.” She was very astounded by the answer but kept quiet. When they reached there at the mall, Ruhika’s mother saw her sister and told Ruhika that she was her aunt. Ruhika greeted her warmly and was happy to meet her. She told Rohan also to greet her but he told, "There is no use of meeting her. It’s not important for me.” She thought as if urban people don’t much care for such things but was still thinking of the incident and was shocked at Rohan’s reply. By the time, Rohika had now made a lot of friends in her locality and loved playing with them. She herself, Priya and Saksham were best friends. Every time they played together and had a lot of fun

. One day, Saksham was very sad and both Ruhika and Priya were worried about him and asked him the reason and he told that, "My parents are taking me to grandparent’s home and I don’t wish to go there for it is very boring to me spending time there.” Ruhika was surprised to listen to these words and made Saksham understand the importance of his grandparents, however she thought that Saksham was still not convinced with her and she kept on trying the utmost she could and on her advice Saksham this time went with a smiling face and he enjoyed a lot spending quality time with his grandparents and when he returned he was very happy to listen to his friends and follow their advices.

Her life was going very smoothly and she was happy but once an incident happened when Rohan wanted to go out with his friends on a long journey but his mother wanted him not to go; for she was worried of the weather conditions but Rohan insisted on going and threatened to disobey her mother if she didn’t allow him and go out at his own with her friends. Ruhika was worried about his brother; for she didn’t want him to do so. She talked with him but he was rigid at his stand and told her mother’s thinking to be old and thought her idea to be useless.

Ruhika was sad at his behavior and made him understand her mother’s point of view but Rohan wasn’t still much convinced with her idea but agreed not to go. Instead, he with his friends planned to meet at his home and enjoy. Ruhika was excited as his brother’s friends came but she was shocked to see that they just played video games the whole day and she too asked Rohan for why they didn’t spend time sharing words or playing outdoors but the answer she got was that it is just tedious and boring. Being very much shocked at his answer she just kept on thinking of the reason why Rohan was actually behaving like this. Why everyone in cities doesn’t bother for their friends or care for anyone. Was my life in village better than this one in city…? Now we can reach at a conclusion that in cities we forget our moral values, our true values but have we ever thought that what is the real reason behind this…? And the answer that one eventually gets is the mismanagement in life; the more lure to money rather than our family and friends; spending more time interacting with technology rather than our relatives.

And the reason behind this behavior is that in cities we carry our life as a competition not only against others but also against ourselves. We spend our time, our health, and our relations to earn wealth but never realize that wealth may earn us respect in society but not the respect in one’s heart which we might have earned by spending some quality time with them or being the one who would have helped others in their ups and downs of life. Our moral values are one such of the aspects that teach us the way to live our life merrily and peacefully. And now we arise a question that isn’t it that much difficult to follow all the moral values like being punctual; respecting everyone; following rules; helping everyone; fulfilling our responsibility for the society; speaking the truth; having strong determination; listening and obeying our elders; keeping our promises; never hurting anyone; supporting justice and many more.

But no one asks you to start following all these responsibilities at once. Start by one and a little value and slowly start improving yourself and once you will see that you are following all those moral values which once seemed to be a burden on you. We all say them to be a lot but remember that following them only can make our life much simpler and easier. It is very easy to say others to do so but when comes to ourselves it becomes pretty tough so better start with a little so that one day you can be someone great. So why does always modernization kill the moral values..? Why can’t we be the both- Modernized and Morally Valued..? So let’s always make this urban modernity accompanied by moral values so that this modernity will not only be one’s awareness in fact it will too become one’s significance. 


Pranjal Aggarwal D.P.S