Letters to Editor

By Pranav Goyal, Class 9, D.P.S, Dhuri

WHY SHOULD I GIVE EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO THE LANGUAGE SPOKEN.. We live in a secular country. Different communities speak different languages. Language stands for a community's identity and sense of belonging. There is no denying the fact that English is an international language but it does not mean that we underestimate the value of other languages. Everyone does not know the same language.

So, people should not be marginalized for the same. It is well known fact that one can not do justice to other languages if she/he is not good at his/her mother tongue. Further, there are numerous benefits of being multilingual. It widens the horizons of our knowledge and hence makes us a better person. So, I strongly believe that equal importance should be given to different languages as it will promote cooperation and co-existence.


Pranav Goyal D.P.S