A Visit To A Zoo


By Janishka Surana, Class 5 B, R. N. Podar, Mumbai

The constellation of umpteen scintillating stars departed from the prodigious sky welcoming the blithe ball of fire with open arms. The lambent(bright) sun spread its warmth like a grin. The euphonic (melodious) chirps of the spectacular volery (flock) of birds resonated like sonorous music in the air. The class of innumerable children woke up at the crack of dawn as they were very enthusiastic. They were visiting the zoo for the first time! The most enthusiastic was Roy! He was a 10 year old boy who was very weak and poor. His mother and father had died in a building that had caught fire! So now he lived with his small sister Zang.

Roy didn't had enough money to buy food, buy his and his sister`s clothes. But they used to acknowledge their poorness. Roy was so enthusiastic to go to the zoo that he woke up at 5:00 am and got ready at the drop of the hat. Roy woke Zang up. As time flew like a jet they were all set to go to the picnic bus. They reached the picnic bus area very quickly as it was a stone`s throw away from their residence. Everyone had reached there by 9:00 am. After a while they sat in the bus and were off to the zoo which was named "The Animals." When they reached the zoo they were spell bound looking at those humongous animals. The first animal was the elephant! He was so colossal and strong. Next was the Zebra. He looked very cute and was as excited as the children were! Next was the Rhinoceros.

He was so fat and was all in the water. As we commenced walking everyone's stomach growled stridently. So when they saw delectable food their mouth drooled like a waterfall. They had their food and commenced walking once again. Now they reached their last stop the Penguins. They were so notorious and so playful. Watching them made the kids very jubilant. As time flew like a bird the sun bid goodbye to the sky. The sky wore a blanket of clouds that were as black as coal. The children sat into the but with all these memories etched in their minds. What a dynamic day was it thought Roy and Zang!


Janishka Surana R. N. Podar