My Travelling Place


By Prem Naresh Udasi, Class 6, Vasant Vihar High School and Jr. College, Thane

Somewhere in the world where I will go
where others have not gone so
somewhere there will be cleanliness
where I could give others happiness

Where there will be Wimbledon
and many elephants weighing ton
where there will be lots of parrots
and rabbits eating red carrots

I will enjoy where there will be cats
and the world cup is being played with bats
I want to go where there is desert
and I will get the tasty dessert

Somewhere there will be grazing goats
and i will get handsome coats
where there will be written stories of fools
And there it will be Olympic size pools


Prem Naresh Udasi Vasant Vihar High School and Jr. College