The Patriots


By Manya Harsha, Class 4, Vibgyor High School, Bengaluru

Painting the walls with the Tri-colour 
Orange White Green for ever...
With Patriotism running through the vein Listen! 
There's no gain without A Pain!
Turning over the pages of history 
The Stories of Freedom, all seem a mystery
Digging through the graves of the stories untold
The tales of sacrifice and valour unfold 
She rises to shine, from slavery to bravery, 
Millions of brave men in their gravery
Sleeping in peace, in the womb of the Motherland, 
They fought, they won and they died for the same sand!
They once lived, and today no more, 
Died fighting for the freedom in Roar. 
From Bhagat Singh to Gandhiji, Swaraj is what they swore! 
The Sepoy Mutiny or the Quit India Movement, 
The spark of freedom lit the pavement.
Revolution to Peace; patriotism in full spree.
Equality Truth Justice Sovereignty being the main key 
A Free Democratic India is what I see! JAI HIND


Manya Harsha Vibgyor High School