Extinction of Birds


By Shubhika Datta, Class 6, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai

A billion birds flying high, soaring in the bright blue sky. 
Once they are tired of the breeze, they go back to their cozy homes in the trees. 
Then, the hunters searching, they see, a little bird sleeping on the tree. 
With their guns they get ready, And 'boom' goes their daily activity. 
A few birds turn their heads with glee, 
A few are like a part of our family, 
But hunters, one by one, they come,
And take the birds down, all at once.
Tomorrow there will be none,
If we don't take away their guns, 
The trees will all start to cry,
And the sky will become very dry. 
So 'Save Birds' is what we should do, because the hunters, they don't have a clue!


Shubhika Datta Bombay Scottish School, Mahim