Mr. Ice Cube


By Syeda Maryam, Class 3, Hikmah Montessori School, Chennai

Once upon a time there was a girl named Alicia who loved to look inside the refrigerator. One day when she was looking inside the refrigerator she got stuck inside! ‘Oh no!’She thought. She pushed the door hard, but it did not open. Suddenly she saw some ice cubes coming towards her. Alicia was frightened, but to her surprise, they only helped her.

The ice cubes told her that they aren’t dangerous and that they would just help her. She was delighted! They brought her food and water daily and in exchange, she protected them from heat. Their father, Mr. Ice Cube adored this way a lot. He asked Alicia if she wanted to go out. ‘Yes’ was her answer. He told his children to push the door. They opened it in the blink of an eye! It was amazing. She got out, thanked them and ran back to her room.


Syeda Maryam Hikmah Montessori School