The Six W’s of Imagination

Just For Fun

By Hiranya Verma, Class 5 B, Navy Children School, Kochi

Have you ever heard a child narrate his mind’s endless tales? Have you ever seen a child completely absorbed in his own brain’s cinema? Do you know the places he/she goes while sitting still (or not) in one place? Let’s face it, the only thing a child loves better than candy is imagination. From fairies to spaceships, aliens to pirates, monsters to treasurers, etc. There is no end to a little one’s mind. Let’s see some facts about imagination (100% not copied from the Internet). What? Fairies, monsters, cardboard-eating squid-stingray hybrids, kids will imagine all these and more.

We can imagine characters/scenes from a book/movie, or make our own stuff. Where? Anywhere we want (because imagination is portable). Mostly we kids imagine it in bed and during something boring. When? When we’re bored, or excited, at night (when our mind is most relaxed), or sometimes, just to kill time or have seriously fun playtime. From where (do you get ideas)? We usually get inspiration from books, movies, and mostly, from the surrounding environment. That’s true; we can actually just look at a passing signboard and make............wait for it..... a French Signboard monster! (That idea is already taken by me and my brother so go get a new one).

Who (which characters/scenes are most popular in children’s minds)? Hard to say which creations are more popular? All children have different ideas. Sometimes two kids have the same idea, and sometimes, we imagine stuff together, like a group. Why? Simple and easy answer: Because it’s totally cool & fun!! You can become anyone (or anything, like a cardboard-eating squid-stingray hybrid), go anywhere, and do anything! Simple steps to imagine: Get inspiration from anywhere, anything or anyone. Start creating your adventure, starting from the beginning.Don’t forget one or more main protagonists/main features for your story/character. Start playing!

Tip: You don’t need to stick to one theme (i.e.: Medieval Times). You are free to mix and match. I, myself have created a fun imagination-filled Club called Games Club in my class for an imaginative experience. So, are you ready to make a new hybrid? Or will you make the newest superhero? Or will you make the script for the next Movie of the Decade? The possibilities are endless! Go ahead, start right at this moment. Enjoy!


Hiranya Verma Navy Children School