By Medha Radhakrishnan, Class 6, St. Gregorios High School , Mumbai

You know what, there are 26 alphabets, 
All of them are easy I bet. 
The starting letters are ABC,
And the ending letters are,Oh! You'll see. 
A is for Apple, B is for Ball, 
This poem is not only meant for kids,
It is meant for all. 
C is for Cat, D is for Doll, 
You know Humpty Dumpty,
He really did make a bad fall. 
E is for Elephant, F is for Fish, 
You know what fishes do in the water, 
They swish,swish,swish.
Now let's not waste time,
And go back to Z, Z is for zip, 
And it is always dead.


Medha Radhakrishnan St. Gregorios High School