How Was the Day


By Logesh Ramasamy, Class 11, Amrita Vidyalaya, Trichy

Before the last bell of the school that week our teacher gave a work she said to write a article on the topic "How was the Day” we all annoyed because we had a thought ends in the moment but we had a hoot to enjoy. Last bell of the school rang we ran with a hope. Minutes passed but I don’t know couples of minutes can make a day and weekend got a end. Now my mother’s mode is to send me to school. Just wait something I forget to do but u completed my article then what I missed to do. Soooooo…… it’s my maths exam to day nothing I prepared, I don’t know why maths don’t combines with stories to become a answer rather make us to do. I always preserve and store everything for future but no one leaves me to preserve my brain for future so it can work properly in future. No one have Idea than me. Now I started to blabber instead I should find a solution let us make a plan will it work. We can check nothing this a failure if it fails it is just a experiment.

Plan 1. Just to get form bed.
2. Keep my hands on my stomach
3. Just have a ramp walk to my restroom with hands on the stomach.
4. Close my eyes and I breathe in a d breathe out for 100 times.
5. The above stems can make some sense to your mom not to dad.
6. Final and foremost: To see the food in front then have a look on my mother the to say "something is happening on my stomach maaa….” Have a fastest ramp walk to rest room and have some rest then my room with bed and my mother’s lap it heaven.

I submitted my Article in to my teacher Now question will arise to you how did my plan get failed ? I made a plan but I forget to say the caution It is applicable only for sometime not for every time but I used same plan for many times this was my first time I failed let us learn from the experiment. How I failed in my plan everything started as I planned but. There was a leak out in my plan to father because for past 4 weeks k did not attend the school on Monday. For every one weekend ends with Sunday for me extends with Monday.

So my family found I was good actor but In a bad moment. Then my father started his old bike u can’t tolerate because In that second j should be in a soft bed with pleasant dream but now I am thinking about a test in scho. Why I should go to school? What will happen if I don’tgo to school today? My teacher will ask reason she will say to provide leave letter but the worst thing is I was absent on the day when teacher reached about the format of the leave letter. At last after. This many couple of minutes I forget to study to test. Days passes but the reason remains. If someone asks now How was the day then I will be replying with it's simply waste


Logesh Ramasamy Amrita Vidyalaya