The Letter


By Shreya Nayak , Class 10, Canossa High School, Mahim, Mumbai

Insanely yet consciously 
She opened her book 
Only to find
A message from the crook 
"I'm coming for you tonight, All of you!" 
Silence took over the room 
Hands trembling like never 
In the distance was the moon
A beam of it entering through 
"Come on!", they said, 
Like nothing ever happened
"Its just a letter, girl, Nothing's going to happen." 
"I hope so!'' she said, 
And went to bed, 
Only to find out 
There was someone there "Ghos- " and she was stopped
The door closed with a cracking sound. 
"Oh my gosh, stop this movie already!" 
"Its just some horror, sissy."


Shreya Nayak Canossa High School, Mahim