A Luminous Celebration


By Asmi Kawatkar, Class 10, Podar International School (IB & CAIE), Mumbai

Each year as winter approaches, 
We eagerly await, 
The festival of lights, 
Which is truly great 
We clean our home from top to bottom, 
My family and I, 
But the unity is something that I appreciate and enjoy 
Diwali brings people together, 
Of all different kinds, 
In giving presents and spreading joy, 
We unite our minds It is a celebration of new beginnings, 
An ode to the light, 
Which keeps the darkness at bay, 
With its bright might
As the sweet smell of flowers 
Fills the cool night air, 
Before the goddess Lakshmi, 
We bow our heads in prayer 
We thank her for our wealth, 
And we humbly recognise, 
It is thanks to her blessings 
That we are happy, healthy and wise 
Now comes the fun part, 
The brand-new clothes we get, 
And all the gifts and many toys, 
Oh, and the sweets I can’t forget!
The colours of Diwali adorn our city,
With lights twinkling everywhere, 
The rangolis and diyas look breathtaking, 
I can’t help but stand and stare
We wish happiness to all
And sorrow to none 
As we light our diyas, 
Diwali has come! 
But there is a little something, 
A matter of concern, 
To do with all the noise pollution, 
From the crackers that we burn 
The shiny sparks are delightful 
They bring us momentary joy, 
But they leave behind a trail of ashes, 
Of all the happiness destroyed
The noise pollution rings through the city, 
With smoke going up in clouds,
And in the midst of that we stare at it 
Disgustingly proud 
So that is why I want to ask, 
I appeal to all of you, 
This year let's pledge together, 
And make a promise anew 
No more firecrackers, 
No more noise pollution, 
Let’s celebrate with colours and diyas, 
It's really a simple solution 
So, with the festival around the corner, 
I wish you all the best,
Let’s celebrate a green Diwali,
And give the environment a rest


Asmi Kawatkar Podar International School (IB & CAIE)