The Day Before the Examination


By Marika Kiran, Class 5 B, Villa Theresa High School, MUMBAI

1st April 2018 - I will never forget that day. It was a study leave and the day before my Hindi Final Examination. I am a good student, but Hindi is not one of my strengths. I had studied hard, but was still very nervous. What if I failed the exam? I sat down to read through my notes one final time. My friend Neha phoned up to say hello. I told her that I was almost done reading the notes for Chapter 2 to Chapter 4. Then she told me something that almost made me faint. She said that I had gotten it wrong, the Hindi portion was from Chapter 2 to Chapter 5! I said bye and rushed to tell my mother this horrifying news. How would I ever be able to study two whole chapters of Hindi in a few hours? I was certain I would fail.

Tears were streaming from my eyes. I was so upset that my mother felt bad to scold me. She told me to try my best and leave the rest to God. Just then another friend Saisha called me. She said Neha told her that I had missed two chapters from the Hindi portion. I told her that I had no time to talk and needed to study. Then she gave me some more bad news (as if I hadn’t had enough already). Saisha said that Neha too got the Hindi portion wrong. The portion was from Chapter 2 to Chapter 6. I felt faint and hung up the phone. My mother called me to have lunch, but I found it hard to even swallow one bite. Just then the phone rang again. I didn’t want to pick the phone, fearing that it would be more bad news. It was my friend Karen. And my feeling was right. Karen said that Neha and Saisha had called her and she couldn’t believe that we had all gotten the portion wrong.

The Hindi portion was from Chapter 2 to Chapter 7! I stared in disbelief and flopped down on my bed. A few minutes later the bell rang. There at my doorstep were Saisha, Neha and Karen. They had a box of chocolates in their hands. It had a note on top of it. I smiled weakly and asked them to come in. I had no idea that there was an enormous surprise waiting for me. I opened the note and it had just 4 words written on it. Can you guess what they were? "HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY”. I took a moment to digest all of this and then screamed at them, "Aaagh!!!!" and then heaved a sigh of relief. My friends hugged me and we all started laughing. This prank actually calmed my nerves and I was confident that I would fare well in my Hindi exam the next day.


Marika Kiran Villa Theresa High School