Failures Are The Stepping Stones To Success

Letters to Editor

By Sameera Sekhar, Class 11, Happy Valley School, Agiripalli, Vijayawada

In this highly competitive world, every person wants to win over the other. Every year millions of students prepare for the most coveted examinations. But at last some of them do not get through because of lack of adequate preparation. Fierce competition, exam stress, insufficient study material, poor planning are some of the probable factors behind it.

Moreover,today we are living in a world where test scores have become the basis for competitive social judgement. Hence, these exam results leave a mark in the minds of students when they fail to score up to their expectations.

Lately,there has been a lot of buzz around about the examination results. The emphasis is on better grades that put pressure on students' mind as they are in constant fear of being able to meet parents as well as society's expectations. As a result, it becomes a devastating experience for students from which they find it difficult to recover and suffer from anxiety and depression, which indirectly leads to physical and mental ailments.

However,students should  keep in mind that no exam result is so important that they lose their hope and confidence in their abilities and talents. Even if they don't achieve it, there are numerous other ways of accomplishing their goals.
Students should not get bogged down by their result,and learn to convert it into everlasting guiding light. After all, a successful person is not a person who never fails. but the one who can transform failure into success. Steve Jobs was removed from Apple ,the he co-founded, but that didnt deter him and today he is known as the father of digital revolution. It was his ability to get up again nd finish the race which made him a winner.You can be winner too.

The best way to achieve your goal is to identify your errors and to know what went wrong in order to convert your failure to success. Every person learns more and more from his mistakes. After all,every mistake lies the potential for immense growth.
Poor results often tends to affect a person negatively and push you into depression. positive self talk can do wonders. It helps you to overcome anxiety and motivates you to move on. It relieves your mind and helps you to overcome the situation. It helps you to develop a optimistic attitude.

You must never let yourself down down because of your mark or poor results.because they don't define you and your abilities. You must always focus on your goal and try to achieve that.

The best way to get relaxed and to focus on your goal again is meditation or practicing your favourite hobby. It relaxes your mind and body and helps you to overcome stress and activate your brain.

Apart from this you must try out new and modified methods to reach your goal. Accepting your mistakes can help you to solve them more easily. It is never too late to reach your goal. It depends on how you make use of the opportunities that you get...


Sameera Sekhar Happy Valley School, Agiripalli