Call for Entries: An Environmental Problem in My Neighbourhood

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By Lavaanya, Class 6, Amrita Vidyalayam, Delhi

In our environment we have a lot of Garbage around. I hate garbage around. This portrays the person's mentality. Sweepers take holidays for many days and the gross is there and every time I pass through I feel disappointed. People should carry the wrappers of the food they eat and throw it in a jute bag. This garbage takes a lot of time to decompose. Like- plastic bottles are thrown in lakes and plastic takes 150 years to decompose. It also pollutes the environment.If this garbage stays every time then earth will be over very soon. Therefore,I request all people to not throw garbage on the roads, lakes. Lakes are pure form of water. Do not pollute them!


Lavaanya Amrita Vidyalayam