Call for Entries: Book Review of 'Little Rainmaker'

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By Zainab Moiny, Class 6, MSB Education Institute, Mazgaon , Mumbai

Name of the book I read last was the 'Little Rainmaker' written by Roopal Kewalya the story was about a ten year old girl name Anushka who had never seen rain because from 2019 there was no rain and in the book it was 2029. Her grandpa would tell her stories about rain and rainbow but Anushka always thought that it is just a story but one day she realized that it is true and the she made rain for her grandpa.

I loved the story very much. It is very creative and when I was reading the story new thought came in my mind and how nice the story and the topic is thought by author. When I had to pause reading the suspense of what will happened next or how will she make rain would be in my mind all the while. The title also tells us that the book will be interesting. Read the book to unveil the story.


Zainab Moiny MSB Education Institute, Mazgaon