Call for Entries: Book Review of 'Coming Around the Mountains'

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By Utkarshini Reddy, Class 3, NK Bagrodia Public School, New Delhi

I am Utkarshini Reddy. I am writing the review of Ruskin Bond's book 'Coming Round the Mountain.' It is a wonderful book and the illustrations are very super. The book cover has a cute illustration of young Ruskin.
Ruskin Bond is a legendary author and is the MOST LOVED children's author in India. The book describes how 13 year old Ruskin's life changes quite dramatically in the year of Independence, 1947. His best friends were Azhar Khan, who was his age; Brian Adams, who was a year younger; and Cyrus Satralkar, who was the youngest. They called themselves "The Fearsome Four".
Since the death of Ruskin's father two years previously (1945), Ruskin was going through a different period, adjusting to his stepfather's home in Dehra.
Ruskin loved to play football in the monsoon months, and he always became the goalkeeper. He was a good book reader always. He also loved to eat jalebis and pakoras from the tuck shop with his friends, fresh from the pan.
The book is very interesting. Ruskin Bond presented a very nice description about his school days in this book.
Thank you!!!


Utkarshini Reddy NK Bagrodia Public School