Call for Entries: The Type of Books I Like to Read

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By Lavaanya, Class 6, Amrita Vidyalayam , New Delhi

I like to read mysterious and fantasy filled books. It helps us to find answers to many mysteries and we are very interested in solving various mysterious cases. As we solve mysteries bit by bit it becomes a picture. It enriches our thoughts and we are engrossed in the book. When we find 'clues' the proof then it becomes a joyful adventure.
According to me, if we read mysterious book then we also learn to solve mysteries and become a great detective. Mysterious books create a sense of mystery, thrill and interest develops within the reader. In these books we are so concentrated and have an interest that there is no need to keep a bookmark. While reading these books I don't need a bookmark.


Lavaanya Amrita Vidyalayam