Call for Entries: Twist-erella

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By Shreya Nayak, Class 10, Canossa High School, Mahim, Mumbai

Once upon a time, there lived a gentle and kind girl named Cinderella. Due to the unfortunate turn of events in her life, Cinderella's mother passed away when she was very young. This left both Cinderella and her father broken, devastated and alone. Her father, much later, married a rather obnoxious and cold hearted woman. But he had to leave home immediately in order to search for a decent job, leaving poor Cinderella with her stepmother and two stepsisters. They made Cinderella work day and night while they enjoyed an effortless luxurious life.
To add to this misery, the news of the death of her loving father reached Cinderella. But, she did not lose hope. Not long after, the royal family announced about the royal ball. This news reached Cinderella and her so called family in no time. Cinderella saw this as an incredible opportunity to run away from this torture and to live a wonderful life ahead. Without any persuasion to accompany them to the royal ball, she helped the step mother and her daughters to get ready for it. As soon as they left the house, Cinderella began to pack all of her little essentials and was ready to go.
This was the moment she had waited for, for a long time. It was finally here. She pulled an old rope out of the attic and let it go out of the window. Her stepmother had very cunningly locked the front and back doors of the house so that she could not escape. Hence,this was the only way. Cinderella carefully and cautiously came down and landed safely on the ground. This was it. She was free after all. She escaped to the other side of the state, where she began working as a teacher in a public school. You surely don't always need a prince to come save you, right?


Shreya Nayak Canossa High School, Mahim