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Call for Entries: A New Way for Tomorrow - Plastic Revolution

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By Deep Narayan .T, Class 6, The King's School, Kottiyam, Kollam

Pollution is a major problem in our world. It starts with our home, to neighbourhood, to office, to factories and empties to water bodies like river etc. Pollution is not impossible to stop. We made it impossible because we are not taking measures to stop it or at least control it. What can we do?
The major problem i see in my neighbourhood is soil pollution. It is done in many ways. The most common is plastic. Plastic, as we all know, is starting to be inevitable. Nothing could destroy it. But is that true? No. It could be stopped . I am suggestion a way. Our municipal corporation must conduct a plastic recycle camp every week. They must collect everything made of plastic and take them to a recycle plant and could reuse them in many ways. They could make water clocks and give it to poor schools to explain it's principle etc. If the municipal corporation does this, we will see a cleaner and safer world in less than a decade Next method is more advanced, but nothing is impossible. In Tokyo, Japan, a group of scientists discovered a new species of bacteria. It eats plastic! They named it "Ideonella Sakaiensis" which will end this menace once and for all.These will fully eat the most common plastic used in the household. It is called Polyethylene Terephthalate also known as PET. It is used in bottled drinks which kids drink nowadays. This method could be a major step to reduce the usage of plastic. Another simple way is to reuse in your own home. You could make toys out of it instead of buying new ones and wasting money.You could use them again to store water etc.So how can we make sure the plastic bottles can be reused? Here is a solution Under the bottle, there will be a triangle with a number in it. If the numbers are 3 and 5, it is understood that the bottle can be reused all over again as much times you want. But if it's 1 or 4, it cannot be reused. So please check the bottles when you are in the grocers. Now here are 5 facts on plastic:

Using these methods, we can destroy plastic once and for all.


Deep Narayan .T The King's School, Kottiyam