Backbone of a Better World

Letters to Editor

By Diya Gupta, Class 8, The Learning Field -A Global School, Moga

Youth is a kind of a backbone to the society to modernize in the trust sense. People are very dependent on the youth and I have a very high expectation from them. They need to maintain the decorum of a nation because the country lies in their hands they need to set a good example for the others to become the role models. Today’s children are the nation builders but I have a question.

Do today's children really deserve to get this tag of a nation builder? In my opinion I disagree to this. I have commonly seen people or children dishonouring the national anthem. Not all, but a few percent of them are blameworthy. I do not know why the people do this. I do not know why the true sense of patriotism has gone lost from most of the parts of a sovereign state that had seen a lot of struggles.

Those despicable people are called the youth those who have actually lost their values towards everything. They can become sophisticated and confident only when they receive support. The one who has the respect for the nation has the respect for each and everything of the world. They can become the best leaders of the nation if they start respecting it.

It is rightly said by Franklin D. Roosevelt that "We can’t always build the future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future.” Through his words we get a beautiful message that youth can be built and building of youth can only be done by motivating them towards the right path. So, this is the reminder or can be said to be a wakeup call for the all the youth of the country that rise up and shine brightly.


Diya Gupta The Learning Field -A Global School