Letters to Editor

By Aalia Chondamma, Class 8, Karaumbaiah's Academy For Learning And Sports, Gonikoppal

As I switch on the tap, I watch as the water drops down into my watering can. World Environment day. Such a great day which should be celebrated every day. But a thought strikes me as I water the tiny, optimistic little sapling. No matter how many trees, how many saplings we plant, water will remain scarce until the rebirth of farming. Let me explain. During the time of our ancestors, when farming was the main occupation, farmland remained waterlogged for almost six months. This ensured absorption of water, leading to moisturized soil. Which ensured full water supply to the wells and natural water sources.

Remember, there were no borewells back in the day, because there was no need for it! What is happening today is a truly terrifying scenario. Farmland is being sold for a more profitable venture: Real estates. Farmers sell their land to Real estate agents, as, riddled by poverty and helpless without the reward they deserve, they have no other choice. But they do not know how it can effect the soil. By building houses on farmland, we not only destroy ages of toil and sweat, we also rob the soil of the opportunity to soak in water. This leaves wells and natural water sources parched. Now, you may read this with dismay and lose all hope that in the future,our children will be fighting for water. Well... Not quite.... If we take serious steps to tackle water scarcity, then we can make everything right again.

For a start, we could stop buying farmland converted sites. The government can also pass a law prohibiting the sale of sites which were previously farmland. Not just this, to reawaken the long lost spirit of farming, the government can give bonus money to those people who pursue farming wholeheartedly, without expecting or getting any rewards. The Ganges of the South, the Kaveri, can run dry pretty soon, all because of lack of groundwater reserves and pollution. If water scarcity isn't causing trouble now, it will,in the future, if we keep brushing the issue of water scarcity away. When the birthplace of the Goddess doesn't have water, from where will other places have this precious reserve? Comrades, it's up to us. Today, we have the power to choose our fate. Make a decision which is wise and can help your children and their future... Help us help the Earth. 


Aalia Chondamma Karaumbaiah's Academy For Learning And Sports