Skin Colour

Letters to Editor

By Aalia Chondamma, Class 8, Karaumbaiah's Academy For Learning And Sports, Gonikoppal

Here's the thing with Indian society: They want their children to ditch their dark skin and become fair skinned youth. Why? Why can't brown skinned people be accepted for who they are? Why do we need fairness creams to lather on our skin? Fairness creams are really a bunch of baloney. Your beautiful skin colour is determined by a pigment; Melanin.

And for god's sake, fairness creams are really powerless trying to 'reach deep inside your skin and destroy your dark skin cells'. Basically, what we are doing is wasting our money and stuffing chemicals into our body. I don't need a cream to bring out my inner beauty. It's shown in my personality. What's wrong if you're tanned, so long as you have sun protection? We don't need fairness creams. Our personality is enough. #proudtobebrown!


Aalia Chondamma Karaumbaiah's Academy For Learning And Sports